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The University held a Demonstration Meeting on the Implementation Plan for the SYUCT-led National Key R&D Project

Edit: of: Published: 2021-04-20

On January 24th, the demonstration meeting on the implementation of the national key research and development plan project "High-value Utilization Technology of Magnesite Solid Waste Chemical Materials and Base Integration Demonstration " (2020YFC1909300) led by SYUCT was successfully held in Shenyang.

The project initiation meeting was hosted by Vice President Da Kening. President Xu Guangwen first delivered a speech on behalf of the school. President Xu expressed his sincere welcome and appreciation to leaders and experts that attended this meeting. He then summarized current condition of magnesite industry and its solid waste formation and utilization as Liaonings originated industry, reviewed a series of work and important arrangements for the smooth development of magnesite industry made by Ministry of Science and Technology and Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Government, and introduced SYUCTs years of work on the innovation of technology and mechanism mode and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the exploitation and utilization of magnesite resources.

The meeting on project implementation plan was hosted by Academician Ren Qilong. Professor Li Xue from SYUCT first gave a report on the project implementation plan, which focused on: research ideas and subject setting, technical scheme and difficulty analysis, assessment index and technical advancement, organize implementation and risk analysis, mid-term assessment and fund composition. Next, directors of different tasks delivered their report respectively, which analyzed the technical objective, technical route, demonstration and pilot plan test project, as well as industry contribution of the task. Then, the expert team addressed inquires and valuable suggestions on the project and research contents, technical solutions, assessment methods, implementation guarantee, fund management, etc., and had extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions with the project team.

The expert team came up with an agreement that this task met the urgent situation of national magnesite resource development and utilization and the national strategic demand. With regard to small particles formed during the development and utilization of magnesite resources and low grade magnesite solid waste, it is considered to develop 6 key and generic techniques, 5 proposed sets of technology application demonstration projects, and 1 item of technology pilot test, which is expected to solve the problem of solid waste storage of magnesite resources, promote the upgrading and development of magnesite industry with Liaoning characteristics, contribute to local economic development, and have important economic and social benefits. The project implementation plan was acknowledged scientific and specific, with a complete technical index system, reasonable subject setting and task decomposition, strong organization and implementation condition. Therefore, experts unanimously approved the demonstration of the project implementation plan.