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SYUCT received the approval as the "2021 Sino-Russian International Talents Training and Scientific Research Cooperation Program" from CSC

Edit: of: Published: 2021-04-20

Lately, China Scholarship Council (CSC) released the evaluation result of promoting 2021 international cooperation and training projects with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The “Sino-Russia International Talent Cultivation and S&R Cooperation” program applied by our university was approved.

This program will fund a total of 10 visiting scholars, joint-cultivated master's students and undergraduate exchange students to visit or study in Irkutsk National University of Technology, Russia every 3 years. Meanwhile, CSC will provide scholarship and one round-trip international travel for the specified period of study to the qualified applicants for the program at SYUCT.

The program is SYUCT’s first approved international cooperative training program of CSC, and the university’s first approved Sino-Russian government scholarship program. It provides a significant international cooperation platform for the internationalization development of the university’s discipline, which gives strong financial support for the international scientific and technological cooperation, faculty exchange, and students' international training. Moreover, the approved program not only breaks grounds for students of SYUCT to go abroad for further study, but also opened up a new channel for talent cultivation internationalization.

Irkutsk National University of Technology is a well-known public research university, directly under the Ministry of Higher Education of the Russian Federation. It is a member of the International Federation of Universities and one of the top 10 universities in Russia.