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The University successfully held a Symposium on rapid Thermal Reaction Test Characterization Techniques and Instruments

Edit: of: Published: 2021-04-20

On February 6th, the online &offline Symposium on rapid Thermal Reaction Test Characterization Techniques and Instruments, organized by SYUCT and Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, was successfully held. Well-known experts from China Electronics Technology Group, Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS, Tsinghua University, China Institute of Metrology, China Society of Instrumentation and other test analysis and instrumentation fields were invited to attend. 50 more expert representatives from Harbin Industrial University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Zhejiang University, China Petroleum University, some science and technology committee, and more than 20 scientific instrument R&D team researchers, teachers and graduate students from SYUCT and Institute of Process Engineering, CAS attended the conference.

The seminar aims to promote the innovation and development of characterization test technology for rapid thermal reaction such as pyrolysis and explosion, promote the industrial application of relevant achievements, effectively serve the national strategy of self-dependence and self-improvement in science and technology, and support the national economic and social construction.

Famous experts and enterprise representatives in the field were invited to exchange the latest achievements in relevant fields, analyze the current situation of the industry, summarize the gap between domestic and foreign countries and even "jam neck" technology and instruments, and discuss China's innovation needs.

Professor Xu Guangwen, President of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology presided over the meeting.

The seminar greatly promoted the thermal response test and analysis the formation of the field direction. It showed the rapid thermal response test and analysis on the major requirements on the level of national strategy, clearly identified the domestic technology and the present situation of the product and its gap and short board compared with foreign advanced level. It clarified the development direction of independent research and development technology and equipment.

The seminar carried out the communication and cooperation among domestic related research, exploit, industrial units and technical personnel, which stimulated the confidence of the independent innovation and development of China's thermal reaction test and analysis technology and instruments to quickly reach or even surpass the advanced level of foreign countries.