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The University’s Scientific Research Achievements were selected and nominated as the First Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress Projects among Colleges and Universities in Liaoning

Edit: of: Published: 2021-04-12

Lately, the list of the “First Top 10 Science and Technology Progress Projects and top 10 nominated science and technology progress projects of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province" was announced by Liaoning Provincial Department of education. Our university has won two awards, namely: " Development of wide temperature structured denitration catalyst and its application in deep purification of flue gas from industrial furnaces" sponsored by President Professor Xu Guangwen; and " Basic research and application demonstration of bio-based eucommia rubber aviation tire" sponsored by Professor Fang Qinghong. Only SYUCT and Dalian University of Technology have won the honor.

The selection of "the first Liaoning province's top ten scientific and technological progress and nomination projects" is of great significance. The selection aims to promote the scientific and technological innovation and development of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, fully demonstrate the progress of scientific and technological innovation and independent innovation ability of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, stimulate the new driving force of economic and social development in Liaoning Province, and better serve the comprehensive and all-round revitalization of Liaoning Province. The first selected projects are all led by academic leaders in various fields. Based on the major development needs of the country and Liaoning Province, the projects focus on breaking the key core technologies in key fields of industrial innovation, and have great application value in scientific and technological breakthroughs and achievements transformation.

Sponsored by Professor Xu Guangwen, " Development of wide temperature structured denitration catalyst and its application in deep purification of flue gas from industrial furnaces project" discovered the dynamic balance between "deposition" and "decomposition" of ammonium sulfide in denitration reaction, established the strengthening method of low-temperature sulfur resistance, invented the new preparation process of "liquid phase loading slurry making" + "clay mixing slurry directly forming" honeycomb catalyst. It broke through the limitation of the preparation process of power plant flue gas denitration catalyst developed by Japan Catalytic Chemical Co., Ltd. in the 1970s and applied in the world for more than 40 years, and the active temperature window of structured wide temperature active denitration catalyst was expanded from the traditional 280-400 ℃ to 200-400 ℃, and the bulk density and strength were doubled.

The results have been applied to nearly 100 sets of flue gas purification of coke ovens, sintering furnaces and industrial boilers in Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Xintiande and other large and medium-sized enterprises, with a direct economic output value of 2.4 billion yuan by the end of 2019 and a supporting output value of over 200 billion yuan for clean production. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation appraisal results "reached the international leading level", won the 2020 annual technical invention first prize and Liaoning Provincial Trade Union Achievement Transformation Competition first prize.

The " Basic research and application demonstration of bio-based eucommia rubber aviation tire" was completed by Professor Fang Qinghong of our university. In view of the "jammable" problem of aviation tires in China, a series of basic research, new technology creation and application demonstration were carried out. Eucommia ulmoides rubber is a unique biological rubber resource in China, which has the characteristics of high wear-resistance, high fatigue resistance, anti-wet slip, low dynamic heat generation, etc. It is an ideal material to replace imported natural rubber to manufacture high performance aviation tires. However, due to the normal temperature crystallization of eucommia rubber, it cannot be formed by conventional processing, which is the bottleneck of engineering application.

Professor Fang Qinghong's team carried out basic research on the processing of eucommia rubber, controllable epoxidation and the preparation of self-repairing materials, and invented the gutta percha and glue crystalline evolution and phase structure control method, solves the gutta percha aircraft tire semi-finished products to the technical problems of conventional processing, the high energy consumption to achieve the gutta percha material in the application of aviation tire. It is, for the first time in the world, Eucommia rubber high speed aviation tire (397 km/h) was manufactured, and its application demonstration was realized. It has pioneered the application of unique natural eucommia rubber in high-performance aviation tires in China and reached the world's advanced level with huge social benefits. This achievement has been granted 26 Chinese invention patents and 65 papers have been published.