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The 24th International Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis Concluded Successfully in Beijing

Edit: of: Published: 2024-05-30

        The 24th International Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis (Pyro2024) was successfully held in Beijing, China, from May 19 to 23, 2024. The event was organized by the Chinese Society of Particuology and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, and co-hosted by the National Academic Conference Council on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, the Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, Tianjin University, Zhejiang University, and Tsinghua University.

The conference grandly opened on the 20th at the Beijing Friendship Hotel, with Guangwen Xu (Shenyang University of Chemical Technology) serving as the chairman, and Guozhu Liu (Tianjin University), Shurong Wang (Zhejiang University), and Rui Yang (Tsinghua University) serving as co-chairmen. Themed Pyrolysis Science and Technology in the Construction of a Sustainable and Low-Carbon Society, the Conference aimed to promote international academic exchange and cooperation in the field of analytical and applied pyrolysis, fostering the growth and development of this emerging discipline.


Experts and scholars from around the world gathered to showcase and share their latest research findings in their respective fields. Zhenyu Liu from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Christoph Pfeifer (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna), Manuel Garcia Perez (University of Washington), Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), and Gartzen Lopez (the University of the Basque Country) delivered keynote speeches at the opening ceremony. Their presentations focused on important topics in pyrolysis science and technology, including Radical Chemistry in Pyrolysis of Organic Resources, Biochar for Soil Application: A Strategy for Combined Soil Improvement and Carbon Sequestration, Co-carbonization of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds and Lignocellulosic Materials for the Production of N-Doped Chars for Environmental Services, Manganese-Biochar Catalyst for Sustainable Glycolic Acid Production from Biomass Waste, and Hydrogen Production by Biomass Pyrolysis and In-line Steam Reforming Process.

The Conference invited international guests to China for academic exchange, aiming to collectively address significant global, regional, and national challenges in the field, and to advance the development of analytical and applied pyrolysis worldwide. In addition to the keynote presentations, the conference featured eight academic topics, including Intrinsic Reactions and Kinetics of Pyrolysis, Innovative or Advanced Pyrolysis, Analytical Pyrolysis Methods and Applications, Pyrolysis for Chemicals, Fuels, and Energy Production, Pyrolysis for Environmental Applications, Catalytic Pyrolysis, Thermochemical Process Control and Engineering Applications of Pyrolysis. These sessions covered a wide range of fields such as chemical engineering, energy, materials, and environmental science, offering a comprehensive and diverse array of presentations.


One of the highlights of the conference was the poster presentation session, which featured 77 posters from various academic disciplines. Researchers used concise and vivid charts, images, and text to introduce their research topics and findings. Attendees gathered around the posters, listening attentively, asking questions, and engaging in in-depth discussions with the authors. This interaction fostered interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.


On May 21, the keynote speeches were delivered by Ondrej Masek from the University of Edinburgh, Frederik Ronsse from Ghent University Lei Yong from the Palace Museum, Ilaria Degano from the University of Pisa, Guoqing Guan from Hirosaki University, and James Clark from the University of York. Their presentations covered a range of topics, including Biochar production at Gt scale - challenges and opportunities, Production of platform chemicals through (hydro)pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass in molten salts, Scientific research based on pyrolysis of organic materials of The Palace Museum, Analytical pyrolysis for the study of textiles in heritage science, Development of zeolite-based catalysts for bio-oil upgrading, and The LGO-Cyrene renewable chemistry platform from biomass pyrolysis.

On May 22, the keynote speeches were delivered by Haruo Kawamoto from Kyoto University, Patrick Hemberger from the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, Haiping Yang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Norbert Miskolczi from the University of Pannonia in Hungary. Their presentations focused on topics such as Pyrolysis-assisted catalytic conversion of lignin to aromatic monomers, Ketenes in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Blessing or Curse?, Recent development of biomass pyrolysis for H2 and porous carbon materials, and the feasibility of using pyrolysis and Pyrolysis and pyro-gasification for sustainable waste utilization: products and feasibility towards circular economy.

Since its inception in 1965, the International Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis has been held in 13 countries, but this is the first time it has been hosted in China. The conference attracted 255 participants from 30 countries and regions across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, including 103 international guests and 152 domestic attendees. A total of 218 submissions were received, with 196 presented on-site, comprising 15 keynote speeches, 106 oral presentations, and 77 posters. Fourteen outstanding poster awards were given to the following recipients: Manon Bechikhi, Stef Ghysels, Corinna Maria Grottola, Junhao Guo, Bin Han, Jie Luo, Xuanjun Jin, Mai Matsueda, Mahsa E-Moghaddam, Wen-luan Xie, Cristian Torri, Zhiping Xu, Xintong Xiao, and Yuhui Zhang.

Thus, the 24th International Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis concluded successfully. Through academic exchanges, participants shared research findings and experiences, collectively discussing key issues, fundamental research, technological developments, and the latest advancements in industrial applications and large-scale production in the field of analytical and applied pyrolysis. This event has significantly promoted the rapid development of the international analytical and applied pyrolysis industry. Pyro2026 will be held in Pisa, Italy, and Pyro2028 will take place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Group Photo of the Conference