Scientific & Research Achievements

The National Standard for “Determination of Particle Gas-solid Reaction in Miniature Fluidized Bed Method” drafted by University Experts has been formally implemented

Edit: of: Published: 2020-03-26

Recently, Xu Guangwen, President of our university, as the first drafter, and our school as the second drafting unit, participated in the preparation of the national standard of “micro fluidized bed method for particle gas-solid reaction determination” (GB / T 38432-2019), which was officially released and implemented on March 1, 2020. It is a significant achievement of our university in presiding over and participating in the formulation of national standards and specifications.

It is reported that the national standard of " micro fluidized bed method for particle gas-solid reaction determination " is proposed and centralized by the National Technical Committee for particle characterization and screening standardization. It is jointly drafted by our university, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Defang nanotechnology Co., Ltd. and 17 other units, including Relevant Research Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, institutions of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, Testing and Design Institutes, etc. Gas-solid reaction is a kind of reaction widely used in process industry. Its process is affected by chemical reaction and transfer. The micro fluidized bed method used in this standard is used to test gas-solid reactions involving particle reactants or catalysts. Through real-time on-line monitoring, the curve of the concentration of gas components released or generated by the chemical reaction under the condition of constant temperature can be obtained, which can not only calculate the time required for the completion of the reaction, the conversion rate and reaction rate under any reaction time, and the generation of gas components, it can also be used to study the reaction characteristics, analyze the product law and speculate the reaction mechanism. According to relevant experts, this standard is a general requirement of " micro fluidized bed method for particle gas-solid reaction determination ". Based on this general rule, a series of standards of different application methods and instruments related to reaction test of micro fluidized bed method will be prepared, forming a series of standards similar to "thermogravimetry", and promoting the development of reaction test technology based on micro fluidized bed. Therefore, our university's hosting and participation in the drafting of this standard can effectively improve the construction level of chemical engineering related disciplines and specialties in our school, and expand our school's influence in related fields.