General Information

Introduction to Shenyang University of Chemical Technology

   In 1952, carrying the glorious mission of revitalizing the new Chinese chemical industry, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (SYUCT) came into being. After more than sixty years’ construction and development, SYUCT has become an engineering-oriented institution of higher education, characterized by chemical industry, with a combination of disciplines of engineering, science, management, economics, humanities, law, education, medicine etc. SYUCT is the key construction university of “Double First-class University” (first-class university, first-class discipline) of Liaoning Province, and national key construction university of “Basic Capacity Building Project in Central and Western Universities” (small “211”).

   SYUCT is among the first national universities to confer Bachelor’s degree, and its right to confer Master’s degree was approved by State Council Academic Degrees Committee during the initial period of “the Eighth Five-year Plan”. Till now, SYUCT has been conferred many titles, such as “University of Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program of Ministry of Education”, “Feature Specialty Construction Unit of Institutes of Higher Learning of Ministry of Education”, selected university of national “College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program”, “Liaoning Fostering Base of Shortage Undergraduate of Petro-chemical”, “Engineering Education Center of Liaoning Province”, “Continuing Educational Base of Professional Technical Personnel of Liaoning”, “Scientific and Technological Innovation and Its Transference and Promotion Base of Liaoning”.

   The campus covers an area of almost 247 acres, with a building area of more than 400,000 square meters. Blending academy, garden and art into one, it is one of the most beautiful campuses in Liaoning Province. At present, SUCT has 25 institutes and departments, and has about 14,000 full-time students including undergraduates, postgraduates and overseas students. In addition, it has over 1,100 staff, among which there are five people titled as “Changjiang Distinguished Professor”, “1,000 Talents Plan” expert, “National Outstanding Youth Fund” winner, or “973 Project” chief scientist; one person titled as “National Prominent Educator” and “National Inspector”; two persons titled as “National model teacher”, and “National Excellent Teacher”; two persons titled as “Baosteel Excellent Teacher”, 15 experts enjoying the “State Council Special Allowance”; one person titled as “Leading Talent of Liaoning Province”, and “Academic Leader”; six persons titled as “Excellent Expert of Liaoning Province”; and 17 people titled as “Liaoning Province Prominent Educator”.


   Since the start of “the Thirteenth Five-year Plan”, SYUCT has sized up the situation, planned the layout, and successfully formulated a series of important strategic initiatives, such as “423 Reform and Development Strategy” (namely “23 Regulations of Top Design”, “23 Regulations of Comprehensive Reform”, “23 Regulations of the Thirteenth Five-year Plan” and “23 Regulations of Party Building Plan”), “ Double 5 Supply-side Reform”, “Four-in-One Strategy of Serving Liaoning Revitalization and Development”, etc. With these strategic initiatives as a guide, the SYUCT was successfully selected as a key construction university of “Double First-class University” of Liaoning Province. In each area like the introduction of talents, personnel training, scientific and technological innovation, and social services, the people of SYUCT are daring first, and bravely standing on the forefront!  

    “From shore to shore it seems wide at high tide. Before fair wind a single sail is lifting.” Shenyang University of Chemical Technology is at the historically best period of development. Shouldering the historic mission of the national chemical industry take-off, a new round of revitalization of Liaoning old industrial base, and construction of the science and technology powering province, adhering to the motto of “study diligently, work hard in practice, develop reasons and explore truths”, carrying forward the SYUCT’s spirit of “virtue cultivation, self-reliance, truth seeking, and innovation”, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology is cleaving the waves and setting its sail voyage towards the grand blueprint of building a nationally well-known and provincially first-class teaching and research university!