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Northeast Science and Technology Market Workstation officially settled in SYUCT

Edit: Department of Scientific Research Zhang Zhaozhong of: Published: 2019-12-17

The Science and Technology Department of Liaoning hosted the 2019 Liaoning Gazelle Unicorn Enterprise Development Summit, also known as the launching ceremony of Northeast China Science and Technology Market in Hunnan District on Dec. 10.

During the meeting, Vice Provincial Governor Lu kKe read out Governor Tang Yijun's instructions on the development of the Gazelle Enterprises and the construction of science and technology market in northeast China. Subsequently, Zhou Bo, Deputy Secretary of the provincial party committee, Lu Ke, Vice Provincial Governor, and other leaders awarded the license to our university, Dalian University of Technology, Shenyang national research center for materials science and other northeast science and technology market workstations, and zhou bo, deputy secretary of the northeast science and technology market upgrade. Professor gala koning, vice-chancellor, attended the ceremony on behalf of the school. Since then, our school has become one of the 23 university and institution workstations established in the northeast science and technology market.

Northeast science and technology market is the first science and technology achievements transfer and transformation platform jointly built by provincial, municipal and district governments and S&T competent departments. Through the integrated operation mode of online and offline, the platform provides all-round professional services for the transfer and transformation of provincial scientific and technological achievements. The establishment of this workstation will collect all kinds of scientific and technological achievements and patents of our university to this platform, through holding school-enterprise docking activities to effectively make the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of our university, so as to better serve the local economic construction.